• Red About You

    “Red About You” Hey guys! It’s the perfect time to read something other than about the Coronavirus. What perfect way than to publish a new blog for my readers. It’s time for us creators to really step up and keep everyone calm, informed, and entertained. No lie, I’ve been holding this blog hostage since February.… Read Post

    Red About You
  • Lounging in Lime

    Lounging in Lime   Hey babes! There’s no Spring without some bright color or two together. Pastel colors and bright neon colors brighten the days that come with the sunny and warm days for the Spring season. When I saw this lime sweatshirt dress, it made me think of a regular, relaxed, laid back Saturday.… Read Post

    Lounging in Lime
  • My 5 Beauty Favorites of 2019

    Hey loves! 2019 is coming to an end and what great way to end it with sharing 5 of my beauty favorites with you. I know you may be wondering, “Why just 5 sis?”. I asked myself the same thing. Let’s just this post would be never-ending if I did more than the minimum. The… Read Post

    My 5 Beauty Favorites of 2019
  • Winter Must haves: Houndstooth

    Winter Must-Haves: Houndstooth   Hey loves! I’m excited to give you another look and Winter trend you must have this season! Houndstooth is a print that is very popular and has been around for years. it’s a print that is generally seen in fashion, but also home designs as well. Houndstooth is one of my… Read Post

    Winter Must haves: Houndstooth
  • Winter Must Haves: Pinafore Dress

    Winter Must-Haves: Pinafore Dress   Hey Loves!! I’m finally back at it! I’m finally recovered from working long hours in retail from November until last week. I’m so glad to be bringing you a fashion series on the must-haves of this Winter. One of the things I love about Fashion is how Fashion repeats itself.… Read Post

    Winter Must Haves: Pinafore Dress