• Back to School Wardrobe: College Edition

    Hey College babes! I know you’re probably excited as ever to either start college or go back and get your head into the books! With the hassle of buying books, supplies, dorm decor, and a new wardrobe; I decided to help out with at least one thing. A new wardrobe is essential to a new… Read Post

    Back to School Wardrobe: College Edition
  • (Me)ntal=Breaking the Stigma

    Hey babes! May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Your mental or mind controls what your body does. It tells you when to eat, move, sleep, how to feel and much more. The mind is like the transmission to a car: you can’t operate without it. It’s important to keep the mind healthy despite life’s ups… Read Post

    (Me)ntal=Breaking the Stigma
  • 901 Favorites

    Hey guys! The city of Memphis just turned 200 years old. To celebrate Memphis’s crème de la crème; I decided to share with you my favorites of the 901! Whether you are Memphis-raised or just visiting, this city has several great spots to enjoy. Whether it’s eating out, enjoying friends and family, or enjoying the… Read Post

    901 Favorites
  • Power to the Print: Polka Dot

    Hey guys! We’re coming to an end with our “Power to the Print series” ending it with a very special and fun print nonother than Polka Dots! If you haven’t seen a polka dot blouse or pants then where have you been? Polka dot print is a print you can have fun styling with different… Read Post

    Power to the Print: Polka Dot
  • Power to the Print: Floral

    “The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all.” – Mulan Hi guys! Spring wouldn’t be what it is without Floral! The floral print is a style that some people are tired of seeing but can’t get enough of. It’s like a love, hate relationship. The color and variety of… Read Post

    Power to the Print: Floral